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There are a number of options we offer for working with and partnering with brands.  Please look through the options below and drop us a line to discuss a potential partnership or sponsorship opportunity.


Sponsored Posts:  We occasionally will offer sponsored posts on The Krave, when we feel they are a great fit with our brand vision and reader base.   If you have an opportunity or idea you’d like to discuss that you think would be a good fit with our readers, please contact us.

Giveaways and Product Reviews: Giveaways and product testing/reviews are one of our most popular sponsorship options!  If you believe your product or service would be a great fit for The Krave readership, please contact us.

Ad Space:  We offer a few limited areas for banner ad placement on   Please contact us for further details if this is of interest – space is very limited.

Editorial Pieces:  One of our favorite partnership areas is working with sponsors to create unique content that our readers will appreciate, and that directly relate to your products or services.   This could look like:   guest posts, curated posts, recipe development, product line ups and reviews, case studies, and more.  Contact us to discuss what type of opportunity might fit with your needs.

Brand Ambassadorship:  We strive to create lasting partnerships with brands and sponsors that we work with.  We’d love to work with brands who best fit our niche on long term ambassadorship projects where we take a more vested interest in sharing and promoting your brand with our readers through outlets such as blogposts, social media posts, advertisements and recipe development.   Contact us if you are looking for brand partners for long term promotional relationships.

Speaking Engagements: We are available to discuss opportunities for speaking engagements or attendance at conferences related to cooking, food, or blogging.


Per the FTC guidelines, we are required to disclose all partnerships, sponsorships and bnd associations to our readers.  Any posts or portion of a post that includes sponsored content will include a disclosure at the end of the post, clearly indicating if any money or free product was received as part of the post.   We make a point to express that sponsorship plays no role in the outcome of our review and in an effort to maintain the utmost in honesty and integrity with our readers, we will only accept sponsorships for products and services that we sincerely would recommend and are a good fit with our brand.


Click here to contact us to discuss potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

We look forward to working with you!

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