How To Balance A Love of Food and Fitness

Without question the number one thing people ask me when they find out what I do for a living is how do I stay in shape when I’m constantly surrounded by food. In fact, I get asked that question so often and fitness is such a big part of my life, we’ve decided to start writing about it here on The Krave. Stay tuned for recipe posts dedicated to healthy eating balanced with the occasional splurge and information about my favorite workouts…especially running!

Generally speaking I approach food with an 80/20 mindset. I eat healthy and keep a close eye on portion control 80% of the time, splurge 20% of the time and stay as active as possible as often as I can. And I make a conscious effort to make the 80% healthy taste really good! No boring salads or steamed chicken thankyouverymuch. I mean ick! Who wants to live like that?

And thankfully I love working out and being active. My primary form of exercise is running – it’s a passion of mine that started 10 years ago (how!?) and it’s as good for my mind as it is for my body. Last year I ran the Chicago Marathon for the 5th time. Marathon training is so much fun, but it’s a huge time commitment so I don’t think I’ll be doing another one again anytime soon. Life is too busy right now with a full-time job, young daughter and blogging.


2014 Chicago Marathon - Finish Line

2014 Chicago Marathon – Finish Line


Earlier this summer I did my first triathlon…sort of. I was part of a relay team and I did the running portion. It was so much fun and I have a whole new level of respect for triathletes after seeing firsthand how hard those events are!




A few months ago my company participated in the Chase Corporate Challenge. It was so fun to race with colleagues and see each other in an environment completely different than the office. A lot of us are runners so there was plenty of good-natured trash talk going on. It was a gorgeous night in Chicago and we had a huge tailgate after the event. We work for Weber so the tailgate had to be great and it was! Aren’t our shirts the cutest?!




I try to mix it up with strength training and the occasional yoga class for good measure. In fact, about two years ago I wanted to start teaching group fitness classes at my gym, so I got certified to teach but life got busy and it fell by the wayside. Hopefully that will change soon! Stay tuned for more details….. 🙂

Last night I met a girlfriend at Tribalance Yoga Center for a Total Fit Barre class. It was the first time I’ve taken a Barre-type class so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a toning/sculpting class inspired by ballet and it was much harder than I expected…I loved it! Lots of small movements with high reps and my muscles were on fire. The studio is offering free classes this weekend in exchange for donations to a local food pantry. Talk about good karma! I’m hoping to make at least one of them.



So moving forward on The Krave, I’ll continue to share lots of easy, simple, healthy recipes and information about health and fitness. I’m so excited to start sharing more with you about these two things I’m so passionate about! 

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